Sky Ships

You want to know about Sky ships eh?

Sky ships are very advanced today. Back in my day, they all used balloons to get off the ground. of course once you get into open sky they were kind of worthless. Very few use balloons any more. Those that do use them, usually do so for nostalgic reasons or collector value. They say they are out-dated and take up too much space nowadays. All modern ships these days have magical propulsion systems and modern helm controls.

Once you get off the ground and into open sky, gravity is no longer a concern and it makes things much easier to get around. Of course if you are moving a large amount of cargo and you run into a gravity well unprepared, things can get dicey…

In Shangi-La proper, of course we have the tugs and beasts that can help us get out of the gravity wells, makes life a bit easier, but don’t expect your trading partners to always have such luxuries!

Sky Ships

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