Sky Pirates

Kamari's Back Story

Kamari was flying around in the vacuum of space, when she saw a shiny reflection of light up ahead, and being a curious creature she flew towards it. Her wings glimmered in the darkness of space, and reflected light that surrounded her, as she came closer to this shinny object she felt her body get heavier and heavier. It was too late to realize that this shinny object was actually a hole in space and it sucked her into it. Kamari was sent whirling through the hole, as stars and objects passed by at the speed of light, she knew she had to break free of this worm hole before she was lost forever, and she used all her might and energy to rip through the hole’s core and in the process she felt as if she broke free, but in doing so she passed out due to the lack of energy. The worm hole seemed to have absorbed all of her strength to the point of exhaustion. Her last thought before she lost consciousness was: her kin was right, curiosity was going to get her into trouble and she wondered if she would be able to see her kin again.
So, starts the new journey for Kamari in a land that she is unfamiliar, a land that has light and darkness but no defined light source, and one that shifts in time/space and filled with many creatures (good and bad). What is a young dragon to do, but try to find her way home to her family, but in the process it doesn’t hurt to have a little adventure to tell her hatch-mates.

Kamari woke up to the sound of fighting and opened her eyes. Her senses were overwhelmed by lights, smells, sounds, and textures. Her body felt heavier than it was before and she adjusted to the area around her. The sound of fighting was coming from behind her and she turned around to see a group of creatures attacking a small covered wagon with wings?! After further investigation she noticed that the wagon was actually floating and it looked like it was trying to escape by flight. She saw a young warrior fighting three others, and what she thought she heard were young voices coming from inside the covered wagon.
Kamari sprang into action, lifting off the ground, as if her body was three times it size causing her wings to ache. With some effort she was able to break free of this unknown gravity and soar to help this troubled person and his cargo. She let out a blast of cold as she swooped down on these unsuspecting creatures and one froze in place.
“Leave them be!” She roared in her native language of Draconic as two of the attackers moved slightly out of the way avoiding the full blast of the cold. The warrior turned slightly to see her coming but took the opportunity to attack one of the creatures closest to him.
“Lead them to safety!” He called as he pointed to the wagon. “I got this!” He said continuing his attack. Kamari looked to the warrior not truly understanding what he was asking of her, but she had a feeling what he was saying as she saw a young child poke their head out. Kamari nodded as she grabbed a part of the wagon in her talons and flapped her large wings to gain flight, pulling the wagon away from the fighting creatures. “Stay inside,” the warrior yelled to the young child as he nodded and went back in. “Keep them safe, they are precious!” He yelled as he watched as they flew away.
The warrior continued to attack with all of his might, and Kamari took the wagon to safety. She was not sure what to do, because she had never dealt with children before and she felt she needed to help the warrior.

“Daddy?” asked a young voice as they peeked out of the wagon. Kamari looked at this young humanoid creature and shook her head. “Dragon?” It asked quietly and came closer to Kamari. Kamari was not sure what to do, but she didn’t move because she didn’t want to frighten the child. Instead she was in awe at the humanoid’s courage. How someone so young could get so close to a dragon without fear was beyond her understanding. Not all dragons were good, just like not all dragons were evil. There is a balance in the world, but she supposed this young child had an idea that Kamari was not good or evil.


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